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Our four-legged friends are a huge part of our families. You need to know they’ll be safe and happy in another person’s care. So I know it’s important to choose someone you can trust.

You need someone who is not only passionate for our furry companions, but also understands your dog’s unique needs. No matter how weird or wonderful they are.

Me with my deputy Bailey

“Simply pawfect! I can’t say enough good things about SDS and Karen in particular, her professionalism and the care she showed towards my pooch was nothing short of outstanding. 3 words, affordable, dependable and flexible. My dog is so happy to see her when it is time for his walk and even sulks when he has to leave when he stays over. Highly recommended – best dog walker in Suffolk.” MS (Ben's dad)

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I’m Karen, an award winning dog walker from Great Blakenham. I live with my husband and 11 year old rescue Collie cross, Bailey.Dogs have always been a part of my family life. I’m experienced handling both large and small breeds all with different temperaments.

I’m lucky to have access to miles of countryside – the best environment to give your dog fun, exercise and social stimulation. Owning a working breed myself, I know how much energy working dogs have making Suffolk Dog Services the go to experts  specialising in these breeds, why? because we exercise them not only physically with long walks but provide mental stimulation to give them what they require.

Every breed is welcome in my gang, even the reactive ones!

If your dog is reactive, I offer one to one walking for nervous dogs. I will never punish your dog for their reactivity. I always use positive training techniques to build trust with your dog and ensure the best results. My own dog came to us with reactivity issues but is now doing fabulously after training. In fact, I’m undergoing some schooling myself, and next year I’ll be qualified in dog training and behaviour. Building great relationships with my clients and their pets is hugely important to me. I love my clients and I look forward to getting to know their dogs!Every dog in my care is treated like my own pet.

And I hate to wave my own flag, but I recently won the Theo Paphitis #SBSAward that recognises hard working small businesses

Suffolk Dog Services Theo Paphitis #SBS Winner

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